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Beyond Open Access Week: Open advocacy and awareness

Open Access Week and Open Education Week offered the Australasian community an opportunity to profile our work, raise awareness, and actively collaborate on issues of import.  However, we need to ask ‘what about the other fifty weeks?

Below are some SIG-specific ways that you can contribute to the open access/open education movement.

Promoting our work whilst building up the work of others

If you contribute, let people know!  Each activity includes suggested Twitter hashtags to use.  Include a link to the work, and let the world know about the good work being undertaken in our region.

Awareness-raising remains one of the key, foundational activities for the region.  Every member of the SIG has skills and knowledge to contribute, and building resources from which we can all benefit is a core component of the open movement.

Open Education in Australasia (Wikipedia)

A number of countries already have a Wikipedia page for localised information about open access and open education.  The Open Access in Australia page has been updated, and there has only recently been an Open Educational Practices in Australia page authored.

This is your opportunity to contribute.

Our aim is to build this page during Open Access Week.  Everyone has something to offer – even if you only have ten minutes to proof-read and tidy the emerging article – and your contribution helps to establish our presence, and as an open record of Australian OEP.

If you contribute during the week, please Tweet using the #OEPSIG and #wikipedia hashtags, and help boost the signal!

OER World Map (UNESCO)

The OER World Map is another opportunity to collaborate and build a practical, global-level resource.  Take some time to identify a few key items from your institution and add them to the map.  If you have any difficulties, please do email Adrian or Carina (as your Country Co-Champions); the folks behind the map are always keen to learn from users and improve.

If you contribute, please Tweet using the #OEPSIG and #oerworldmap hashtags.  Let’s profile our practice!