OER Policy Pop-up Discussion Group

During 2020, members created the OER Policy Pop-up Discussion Group as part of the Australasian OEPSIG, to focus specifically on matters relating to policy and OER guidelines in higher education.

Purpose of group:

The OER Policy Pop-up Discussion Group aims to:

Inform the OER community of OER policy and trends;

Consolidate resources and our understanding of the state of OER policy within Australia;

Generate recommendations on OER policy/guidelines; and

Provide feedback into OEP Australian community.

Who can attend the group?

The discussion group is open to representatives from tertiary institutions across Australasia.

Meeting frequency:

Every 6 weeks


Meeting DateTopic / agendaMeeting Facilitator
06 July
Strategies for overcoming OER policy barriers & examples to model on – discussion ForumSteven Chang
03 August
Understanding IP policy – discussion ForumSteven Chang
13 August
Planning for future sessionsJanet Chelliah / Katya Henry / Ross Pearson / Steven Chang
Discuss the OpenOz Overview research on Australasian OER policy Run poll for subsequent meetings and topicsJanet Chelliah
Working “around” policy – discussion
We will explore how to support OER initiatives in and around policy, or “policy by stealth”. In an environment where an explicit OER policy may not be present or active, how can we generate activity and practices that can build the foundations for informing future policy (or vice versa!) or guidelines. This event is held in the lead-up to the World Access to Higher Education Day (WAHED) Open Textbook Summit event on the 17th November To receive an invite, please contact Steven on s.chang@latrobe.edu.au
Steven Chang

Possible future topics:

· Writing policy clause updates;

· Policy review cycles – how do they work and when do we intervene?;

· Influencing policy stakeholders (December 2020 / February 2021)

· Working “around” policy e.g. via OEP “mechanisms” (November 2020)

· Effectively implementing policy;

· Conducting research and benchmarking of policies ;

· ANU folk to speak about development and release of Open Policy (early 2021)

Proposed meeting approach:

· Agree who will take meeting minutes;

· Discuss agenda items;

· Record and reference or useful links into reference table;

· Agree on agenda and facilitators for subsequent meetings (and update the schedule below);

· Provide a summary of the discussion along with this document to Adrian Stagg – Co-convenor of the OEP-SIG (Adrian Stagg <Adrian.Stagg@usq.edu.au>) by way of update;

· Email the distribution list at the end of this email with the next meeting details;

· To encourage open and frank discussion, from October 2020 onwards we will take general notes on key questions and themes, but will make an effort to not mention specific names or institutions